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"When I finally stopped sacrificing my internal peace for external peace...

Peace Found Me."

Dr. Marcy Buehler

Dr. Marcy Buehler

Dr. Marcy B. PhD, is a Health Psychologist with a passion to help others unlock their inner self. She also holds a graduate degree in Educational Psychology, plus over a decade of experience working in the field. Dr. Marcy B is a certified Trauma Professional and MBSR (Mindful-Based Stress Reduction) Instructor. With degrees and certifications, she still found herself grinding through her own personal, life-altering hardships. During the worst stress, she came face-to-face with jarring truths about her own identity, and unpacked dysfunctional patterns in her life. She broke through. She found her inner Conqueress. It was an epiphany: her life’s calling was to decode and synthesize her years of institutional schooling, professional experience, and personal ‘ah-ha’s’ and serve it to others in a practical and empowering way.

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Health Psychologist (PhD)

Educational Psychologist (MA)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Certified Trauma Professional

Dr. Marcy B.’s tools offer tangible steps toward cultivating your inborn purpose of existence in a thriving manner. Her happy place is anywhere she can feel the sun on her skin, hear her daughter’s laughter and witness breakthroughs instead of breakdowns. She offers The Conqueress -- the innate power to transform your life. Dr. Marcy B also offers training, coaching, and public speaking services. She’d love to follow your transformation; post your journey at @drmarcyb on Facebook or @dr.marcyb on Instagram.

“My most profound experiences of spiritual knowledge served as a reminder to trust myself - to always trust myself,”
                                                                          -Dr. Marcy Buehler


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About Me
Yoga by the Ocean

This book is a must-read for those experiencing the pain of divorce and anyone else who's life isn't turning out the way they planned...which may very well be all of us.”

-Holly Tarry Author of Power Boundaries

"The Conqueress is not just for women- men can learn a lot, too...I know I did."

-Keith Maginn, Author of Turning This Thing Around

Closing The Conqueress, the reader indeed has plenty to work with and work towards; the journey is led by a sincerely gifted guide in Dr. Marcy Buehler. ”

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