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The Conqueress

A Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Honoring Yourself

By: Dr. Marcy Buehler

About the Book

Dr. Marcy B identifies four necessary shifts for transformation to take hold:

            Physical  -  Psychological  -  Social  -  Spiritual

    "Dr. Marcy B is a Psychologist blending science and spiritual truths. “While Dr. Marcy B says that “My most profound experiences of spiritual knowledge served as a reminder to trust myself - to always trust myself,” her engagement with a solid factual foundation allows us to trust her too. Additionally, she writes in an extremely accessible style, presenting lessons that are easily understood but speak volumes.

    Dr. Marcy B details her own “unfolding,” and assures us that we too “now have the Tools to transform our life. The outcome will exceed your wildest dreams. Trust the Conqueress to know how to achieve them.” Closing The Conqueress, the reader indeed has plenty to work with and work towards; the journey is led by a sincerely gifted guide in Dr. Marcy Buehler. ”


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"To those of you who sit and exasperatedly stare at a blank notebook page, never fear; our author gives direction to optimize the experience and make the most of this potentially powerful tool."


Who is the "Conqueress?"

“Dr. Marcy Buehler prefaces her insightful self-help book The Conqueress by admitting something that will ring true for many: she took the world by storm in her youth even if it meant learning the hard way, but secretly, she felt deeply insecure. Her life steamrolled along with bravado in spite of this inconvenient fact until she experienced “The Fall,” losing what seemed to be everything of value — her husband, her financial success, and her prized possessions. 


Suddenly left face to face with her inner self, the blithe lack of self-awareness she clung to when things were easy turns to inescapable anguish. With a daughter to support, Dr. Marcy B determines to do the hard work of enduring, and eventually thriving, with a little help from an intrinsic spark of life she calls “The Conqueress.” To better herself, and inspire her daughter, she embarks on a transformative journey towards “allowing the intuitive voice of the Conqueress to guide the course of my life.

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