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Conqueress Immersion Program

This 6-month transformational program is designed to help you overcome self-doubt, anxiety, and fear so that you can reclaim your purpose and have more peace and abundance in your life. Book a free 15 minute consultation with Dr. Marcy B. to discuss how this program can be tailored to your needs.

What to Expect Over the Next 6 Months

Month 1

F- Feel: 
In the first month, we will work closely together to enhance your mind-body connection by using breathwork and meditation to become more mindful of your thoughts and emotions and honor your authentic self so that you can acknowledge and embrace your feelings rather than push them away.

Month 2

E- Explore:
In the second month, we will begin to take a closer look at false or fear-based messages and limiting beliefs. In doing so, you will identify the origination and source of these unwanted feelings so that you gain the power to begin to reprogram and change them.

Month 3

A- Acceptance:
In the third month we will learn acceptance which includes both action and spiritual surrender. We will work together to recognize and accept what is within your control and what is not so that you can live without regret, anxiety, or fear. We will also learn to let go of the need to control so that you can have peace within.

Month 4

Once you have cultivated self-awareness in the fourth month, the
step of transformation I will teach you how to honor yourself and set boundaries so that you defend and protect your newly empowered self.

Month 5

Now in alignment with your highest self in the fifth month, I will provide support, resources, tools, and guidance as you begin to take actions that align with your core beliefs so that you experience the passion and purpose you desire.

Month 6

Mastery – The path of self-actualization is limitless. In the final month, I will challenge you to continue to evolve and grow with vitality so that you can live a life of conscious bliss.

Already Had Your Consultation and Ready to Book Your  6-Month Program? 

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