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This tool will allow you to take ownership for your life and actions. It works to change and challenge fear-based primitive reaction. Our first, and often automatic, reaction to an uncomfortable stimulus is an undesired behavior rooted in past trauma.

Remember: Your trauma response is deeply embedded in the fight, flight, or freeze area of your brain, the lower, more primitive part of the brain which is the first part to react. This is important to know because, for a while, you may keep repeating the same patterns over and over.

The part of the brain that remembers the pain or turmoil of those experiences has no connection with the lower, primitive brain.  Meditation and breathwork are the tools that bring logic and reasoning back into the equation. 

Learn strategies and tools to benefit both you and your family.
During the pandemic, many were forced into Homeschooling. Tips and guides so that you not only survive, but thrive.
Managing expectations and social-emotional wellbeing of all.
Grassy Mountains

Self- care Webinar

Compassion fatigue and burnout are prevalent in the healthcare and giving professions. Learn how and why self-care is essential.


Tune in to listen to Dr. Marcy B discuss emotional safety, mental chatter, brain retraining, and much more. Dr. Marcy B Answers questions and provides amazing advice on topics I think we can all relate to!

Sunset over the Mountains

Prolon Group Meeting

Diet and nutrition impact every component of our lives. Listen to this discussion which includes emotional safety, meditation, and so much more.

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